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Fallen into the Shallow: Sirens and Seers

Brandon Robinson

Jayden Mindsong focuses on the day-to-day, fixing commas at his boring job, studying for university entrance exams, playing video games - but when tragedy strikes, he's adrift... prey for several mysterious women who lure him into doing things he'd never dreamed of. He acquires a shiny new job and a gorgeous girlfriend, only for both job and relationship to fall apart shortly after. Then he stumbles into another beautiful woman who introduces him to the wonders of dancing, drinking, and club drugs... but that also ends badly. Finally, he meets yet another stunning woman who also loves video games, and gets sucked into a never-ending spiral of gaming, only to end up on the street. When he's at his lowest point, he receives a surprising offer from an old friend that may turn his life around... and reveal that there's been a lot more going on underneath the surface. Monsters are real in a way he's never dreamed, and he needs to work through his problems in order to make a difference against them.

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Brandon Robinson is the character Naaleyrad. In 2009, he started at McDonalds, and it was a financial improvement. In 2012, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and he had a lot of free time. He played a lot of video games. Now, a decade later, his novel is finding success. The major change was that he dedicated time to meditate, seeking to know the Holy Spirit. For other endeavours, check out his relaxing music on Spotify, and check out his collective story, The Power of a Ring, at Collective stories are a great writing experience.