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Kent Hung

Born amid family turmoil, Tom is left to be raised by his paternal grandparents in Edinburgh. Despite their loving attention, Tom has, in many ways, paid for the choices and mistakes of his parents.

A string of unexpected events occurs during a visit to Dublin which inspires and motivates Tom to write a novel. Later, he realises that he can find solace in his writing. Through this journey Tom gradually gains an understanding of others' circumstances and points of view, and he feels his writing awaken in him the possibility of finally finding answers in his life.

In this delicate and moving tale by Kent Hung, we see Tom's search for self-worth and the entitlement to live his life. Ultimately, will Tom be free from begging for validation? Or is he destined to be haunted and defined by the deeds of his father and his family's past?

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Kent was born in Taiwan and raised in Sweden. He strongly believes that fate brought him to Edinburgh, a place he has called home since 2014.

Entitled is his second novel. The initial idea came to him unexpectedly just a few months after his first novel, Letting Go, was published in May 2019. As with many people, the Covid lockdown period beginning in 2020 proved to be challenging but he felt it was a time for reflecting, recharging and reconnecting. He was able to use the time to create the Entitled storylines and connect with the characters and their voices.

Will there be a third novel? He truly hopes so and is waiting for inspiration to come organically. Meanwhile, he is a keen baker; he recently completed a patisserie course in college. Kent also loves treasure hunting in charity shops.