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Does Everything Come To He Who Waits?

Michael Dowle

After his mother Brenda passed away in 1987, Peter Johnson returned to London. Once again, he continued working at the club, as his alter ego, drag artist, Petra Juno.
Life carried on, with his children growing over the years, until 1990, when a change of career took him and his family back to Manchester.
Throughout this time, he'd been in constant touch with his three brothers and their father, Jim. They all missed Brenda; she had been their rock.
His new career was about to take off in the mid-nineties... but tragedy was going to strike once again...
Could he be persuaded to carry on?
Join Peter Johnson and his family on their continuing journey in this second prequel to Laura Come Back to Me and Four Becomes the One.
With their children reaching adulthood, Peter and his wife Helen were about to enjoy their lives. But then...

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One of seven, always playing sport as a kid. When married, I used to keep diaries. In family cards, I'd write poems, or a little story to the recipient.

My work for many years was in the transport industry, then the Port of Dover. My jobs were administrative, so I wrote many, many reports, completing endless documentation. Luckily, I like writing!

More recently, I delivered the mail, progressing to the role of a postman! Having experienced many challenges, mistakes and changes in recent years, I'm an easy going, laid-back, happy father.

Plus, wonderfully, I'm a grandad...and now, an AUTHOR!