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Dancing Out Of Love

Anna Cookson

Escaping the failure of a long-term relationship and accompanying her parents on holiday, Kezia is left pondering her life in the Spanish sun. Inexplicably drawn to a mysterious cove, Kezia discovers the equally mysterious and enigmatic, Darim, the owner of a flamenco school. Overcoming a lifetime of conforming to society's expectations, Kezia tentatively begins to learn flamenco, being led by Darim into a dance to discover herself and her long-submerged spirit. But life at the sun-kissed flamenco school is not as idyllic as it seems.

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Anna Cookson is an award winning TV and radio presenter, currently hosting the breakfast show on BBC Radio Kent. She can also be heard on BBC Radio London and in her work as a voiceover artist.

Anna has broadcast for some big names including Radio 1, QVC, Magic, Kiss, LBC, Capital and Heart. She won a New York Award for her chat show, Girls Talk, which was also nominated for a Sony Academy Award.

When she's not talking or writing, you'll find her travelling the world, climbing mountains and running marathons. She also enjoys practicing yoga, reiki and painting.