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Vincent Cristaldi

After taking a few steps more, he paused as he stood over the evil bastard who took his father's life. With fury in his heart, Eric raised the rifle and took aim. And even though this man was already deceased, Eric felt the compelling need to fire one last shot into the face of this monster. As he pulled the trigger, he stated with force, "Rot in hell, you son of a bitch!"

Brothers Eric and James Harper grow up in the countryside, living an idyllic life and surrounded by their parents' love and care. One fateful night, however, their lives change forever.

This tragic event forces James to carry on alone. But you can never truly escape your past... and when his past returns, James is torn between the family he has and the desire to seek revenge on the family he lost all those years ago.

Told in the style of a modern Western, this story has all the hallmarks of that genre, where issues such as loyalty, love, vengeance and brotherhood take centre stage.

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Vincent Cristaldi was born just outside of Northern Philadelphia. Growing up, he had a vast imagination and a love of storytelling. In fact, it was his sixth-grade English teacher who first suggested that he nurture and utilize this gift. Spending a period of his life as a traveling actor, he has learned plenty about the human experience and how to set a scene. Along with his talent for acting, Vincent is also a self-trained pianist and songwriter which further fosters his passion for creativity and self-expression.

With his vast imagination he refuses to be confined to one literary genre, so let's see where he takes us next...