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All About Greti

Louis Demers

Greti is a free spirit - bright, rebellious, uninhibited, and sharp as a razor. Nineteen-years-old and blindingly beautiful, she is currently chumming Karl, a middle-aged jingle composer, amongst other ventures.


It will take a single phone call, during a school break in the Bavarian Alps, to light a powder keg that will propel Greti inside a monstrous roller coaster ride, shattering her very comfy existence. Not to be taken aback by these outlandish revelations, Greti will begin a quixotic quest to find the truth. Then, she disappears.


Her whereabouts being unknown to all, who will track her down first? Karl, her lewd artist friend? Chesterfield, a jovial and (very slightly) bulky sleuth? Or, his sidekick, Olympia, the smart overachiever mother of two brainy children? Or will it be the mafia kingpin she pissed off, Cokehead Billy?


In dire straits for the first time in her young life, will Greti be able to come out of all these trying situations unscathed?

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


I was born in Coaticook, a small town in the beautiful region of the Eastern Townships in Canada.

I am on my third book, a work in progress, tentatively titled The Colors of the Butterfly, still about my muse and heroine Greti, who wished I'd take it easier on her.

Unfortunately, the new book will not do so.