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A Strong Woman in Belgravia: Part One

Roderick Archer

Sable Fairfax is beautiful, smart and a fighter.
After reading modern languages, she begins a promising career in the Foreign Office and trains as a diplomat.
Her love life is not quite so straightforward, but she remains sharp, poised and ready to take advantage of any opportunities that come her way, especially as she starts to move in higher political circles.

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After public school and university, Roderick Archer started his professional life working for a multi-national energy company; this included some spells overseas.

Following this, he worked in the legal department with an engineering company, dealing with liability and claims. Later, this led to an invitation to move into a sixth-form college in London, teaching English, Law and Humanities. He also acquired a passion for writing, for politics and for the City of London, where he is a Freeman of the City.

At present, he is teaching English while devoting the rest of his time to writing.

Roderick lives in Surrey.