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A Serious Dilemma

Gill Sherry

A year after losing his job as manager of the Blues, Crawford Kelly is itching to return to
football. But the off er on the table is not exactly what he had in mind. Will it be enough to
lure him from his blissful life in the French Riviera? And is it really a good idea to return
to the scene of his previous, murderous crime?
Meanwhile, his wife is battling demons of her own. A chance encounter throws
Florentina’s perfect existence into turmoil, forcing her to question the decisions she
made almost three decades earlier. Can she keep her secrets hidden or will a face from
the past blow her world apart?
At least the Kelly children are happy. Or are they? Whilst super-model Abi is seemingly
living the dream, Thomas is still haunted by his involvement in his father’s villainous
past and somebody, somewhere, seems hell bent on exposing them both.
From the sun-kissed French Riviera to the rugged coastline of Scotland’s west coast, A
Serious Dilemma sees the return of the Kelly family and the sinister secrets that continue
to threaten their otherwise perfect world.

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Gill Sherry was born and raised in the English city of Coventry where she went on to enjoy a successful career in insurance. In 2014 she moved to the Middle East where, inspired by the exotic climate and culture, her long suppressed talent for writing began to emerge. As editor and columnist for a lifestyle magazine in Kuwait she gained a faithful following of readers across the Gulf region. Now living in Scotland, she continues to entertain her Middle Eastern followers as well as those closer to home in Ayrshire. Her first novel, Serious Foul Play, was published in 2020 followed by the sequel, A Serious Dilemma, in 2023.