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A Picture Puzzle

Coleen Moore-Hayes

Life is good for Molly O'Neil, and her husband Patrick, as they adjust to retirement and the empty-nest syndrome in their home on beautiful Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. Their children are doing well; the elder, Cole, having just presented his parents with a delightful granddaughter.

But Molly has a tragic past. Twenty years earlier, her idyllic life is shattered when her husband of three years and her beloved sister, June, are taken from her within the span of one year... one brutally murdered in the Sudan by rebel insurgents, and the other to a rare disease.

It was Patrick and their new family that brought joy back into Molly's life but the secret heartache of the loss of her sister never left her.

And so it was, when Molly was packing away the Christmas decorations in their basement, that she found a note and a photograph of a child, tucked into a long forgotten picture frame. The note contained a mysterious message from her late sister, pleading with Molly to ask her first husband, Mark, for more information about the little girl.

This curious find begins an adventure for Molly and Patrick as they set out on a quest for answers and to - hopefully - determine the identity of the child.

Their journey takes them to exotic Shanghai and Dongtan, where they make new friends and encounter old acquaintances, with each lead bringing them one step closer to solving the puzzle while sometimes threatening to tear their own family apart.

What will Molly and Patrick find out? This crackling fast-paced and modern mystery will have you turning the pages faster and faster to find out.

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Coleen Moore-Hayes is a recently retired university professor who lives with her husband Allen on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. After decades of writing for academic publications and technical journals, A Picture Puzzle is her inaugural foyer into fiction.

Coleen says that what started out as a retirement project has become an absolute passion, with characters who now feel more like family and friends.

An avid golfer who spends winters in Florida, Coleen hopes that you will enjoy traveling with her through A Picture Puzzle.