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A Bodacious Guide To The London Underground

Brendan Sloane

Mind the gap! The London Underground is a cross between a carnival ride and a natural disaster. Imagine running a life-threatening gauntlet with jugglers and clowns, just as an earthquake hits! Arm yourself with the knowledge in this book and you will dominate the London Underground like a Boss!

You need your wits about you, so it is lucky you have come across this survival guide. Otherwise you may not know how to deal with a pole-hugger or a village idiot. A side-swiper can cause more chaos than a loose tennis ball in a dog pound. You may not have even heard of the term side-swiper so it is imperative you read this book. IMPERATIVE!!

Shiver me timbers, you will need this book if you have just arrived in London!

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Brendan Sloane lives on planet earth with all the other human beings and creatures. One day he will be recycled back into the mother earth that he came from. But until then he lives with his beautiful wife and son in Canberra, Australia. After commuting recently for eight years in London, he felt a desire to create a guide for people, so they know what they are getting themselves into when entering the London Underground.