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Within. A Memoir.

Maxwell T. Dylan

Visceral, lyrical, and emotionally charged, WITHIN introduces us to a man devastated by an international divorce, returning to his former home to say goodbye to his three young children the night before they leave for France.

With profound insight and a searing clarity, Maxwell T. Dylan explores the pain and memory of being separated from his three children that led him down the dark corridors of New York City nightlife.

Dylan throughout his journey examines his childhood where he finds strength, love and inspiration along with difficult memories that he is forced to reconcile within.

Alive with humor, ache, and wisdom, Maxwell's journey affirms that sometimes you have to lose a lot to find yourself.

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Maxwell lives in New York City with his wife, Suzana. They resided in Europe during the pandemic for most of 2020, spending time with their three children. Maxwell continues to practice corporate law in New York City, having started in his own practice in 2012. Maxwell sees his children on a regular basis and his youngest, Dori, is planning on pursuing her university studies in New York City. He loves life and is grateful for every breath of it.