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Waggletail Ted

Sue Hampton

Ted is a small dog with a big personality and a lot of fans. But he doesn't like the look of Jamal, the boy who comes to live next door. Ted isn't afraid of much - just cats, baths and short humans like Jamal.


Jamal loves cats but he's scared of dogs. His new life in a strange country is scary too and hard to understand. What he needs most is a friend.


Waggletail Ted is a story full of surprises, dangers and kindness.

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Sue Hampton is the author of more than twenty novels for children, teens and adults, writing across different genres. Michael Morpurgo has praised her work as "terrific" (Just For One Day) "enthralling" (Spirit and Fire) and "Beautifully written... insightful [and] poignant" regarding The Waterhouse Girl. Traces made the top three in The People's Book Prize 2012 and Frank won Bronze in The Wishing Shelf Awards 2013. Sue lost her hair in 1981 but it was creating Daisy Waterhouse that began to change the way she lived with Alopecia. Now, she's delighted to be an ambassador for Alopecia UK.