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John T. Leonard

James Marshall is a successful defence attorney, close to making partner at his firm, having never lost a case.

He enjoys the spoils of success, but his ambitions and his work have destroyed his marriage. Since this breakdown, he has struggled to balance his life, scarcely seeing his young children, but his parents remain a solid support in his life, and his passion for his work has kept him going.

Through his work, he thought he'd seen the worst that humanity had to offer, until the day a vengeful former client attacks his parents.

Terrified for his family, Marshall finds himself making a list of the worst people he's defended, guilty people he had successfully kept out of prison, before tracking each of them down, intent on finding the culprit.

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John T. Leonard has worked for the emergency services for over twenty years. His first writing project began in 2005, but was interrupted when fatherhood beckoned and was never finished. Unfortunately, given certain events since then, it may now be lost forever.

Since then, when discussing this lost project, it was suggested that he begin afresh. This led to a semi-autobiographical first release. Since then, Leonard has written continuously and has since completed a number of projects. Primus was his second project, and was originally self-published in October 2017.

Leonard primarily writes crime thrillers which, in part, draw on his true-life experiences. But, as he is an avid science-fiction and superhero fan, a recent project with a recurring character was targeted at a younger audience, specifically his own children, depicting his own take on a super-hero origin story.