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Tragladord VS The Science Club

Julia Andrews

Rubbish is engulfing the world, and trash creatures now have a secret society. They are mean and sneaky. Tragladord and his clan have taken control of rivers, and the breezes, and now they're after parks. The Science Club are a medley of smart kids who want to make a change and are brave enough to fight. But the trash clan are a mighty force...


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Julia Andrews is the fifth child of Welsh immigrants who arrived in Australia in 1970. She is the first Australian born of the family to be followed by a younger sister. Julia has written children's literature and is currently working on a thriller/drama novel. Julia also currently works as editor and blogger for Her passion for writing began at an early age with her primary school teacher secretly entering her into competitions for which she won awards. After becoming a professional writer in May 2018, Julia is looking forward to her upcoming publications. Julia currently lives in Brisbane with her husband and family.