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Hilary Downey

TimeSpan reflects on the changing lives of people as they age. Everyone remains important because collectively all people shape society, the best of what is within them contributing to the advance of our current civilisation.
Spiritual philosophy helps make sense of the world. It seeps into the consciousness like drops of water trickling into a pool, becoming real when applied to life which then changes.

You will come and you will go. You will walk the Earth and place your footsteps where they need to be. You will contribute something good and the Earth will be better for having asked for and accepted your presence. This day that is your life is short. When your task is done you will place your footsteps in a different way, but wherever you place them they are able to continue to contribute something good.

TimeSpan is the fifth book, following LeapFog, HeartFelt, ColdLight and CentreStone.

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Hilary Downey (P.G.Dip.Trad.Ch.Acu.) was born in New Zealand, where she continues to live; working as a self employed Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist and Tik Dah Bonesetter, while writing about what is close to her heart.  In her early years, she was a schoolteacher and had a family of three children that has expanded to five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.