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Tilly Brown

Charlie Amor

Welcome to Tilly's world... Tilly Brown is an eight-year-old girl with a very special gift. Tilly lives with her grandparents and scruffy black dog, Eddie, close to a very lively forest. Tilly's world is not an easy one, no matter how hard she tries she never fits in anywhere. Tilly like many children (whether they realise it nor not) is able to see spirits. Not all spirits are bad or scary. Some are fun and some just need our help.
Being silenced for most of her life has made being special feel like a curse. She is learning to become strong enough to use her secret to make others happy. Tilly's journey is to be a tricky one, but this amazing little girl has an example to set all of us.
Join Tilly and Eddie on an adventure and explore her strange, enchanted world.

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Charlie Amor is the author of the children's book Tilly Brown. She is very happy and excited to be sharing this story with you. Charlie lives in Stirlingshire, Scotland after growing up in Hampshire. She is married with two children, Cooper and Emme. Charlie studied and has always been fascinated by history and archaeology. The spirit world has always been a large part of her childhood and even now today.