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The White Mouse and the Golden Coin

Simone Paturel

Discover the enchanting tale of Emma, a humble woman with a heart of gold, living in a magical forest filled with talking animals and blooming gardens. When Sir Squeak, a magical white mouse, takes notice of her kindness, he decides to gift her with golden coins that have the power to transform her life. There's just one condition: she must never reveal the secret of their magical encounters. As Emma's life blossoms in extraordinary ways, she faces the delicate balance of accepting magical gifts while preserving a promise that could either sustain or shatter this newfound wonder. 'The White Mouse and the Golden Coin' is a heart-warming story about the transformative power of kindness, the responsibilities that come with magic, and the small wonders that can make life truly extraordinary.

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The author is French/Lebanese living in London. She is a Dr in Roman Archaeology and the author of Baalbek Heliopolis, the Bekaa and Berytus from 100 BCE to 400 CE and the novel Retrospective, which is an existentialist love story from Beirut 1982, and the children's book Loulou's Magical Adventure: The White Pomeranian's Enchanted Forest.