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The Wave

Tanya Rose


From child star to club performer, Brooklyn Grace Barrett, also known as Bee, has experienced quite the journey. Now she has the opportunity of a lifetime when her manager presents her with a residency at The Wave in the exclusive Houston Hotel. Not only does this mean working closely with her talented colleague and long tome friend Will, but also singing her favourtite songs.

Everything seems to be going smoothly, but Bee's haunting past is always lurking beneath the surface. And when she crosses paths with the irresistable Jarrod, with his captivating 'ocean eyes', her once simple life starts to unravel, revealing a story filled with turmoil. Who will provide Bee with the comfort she needs the most? Will it be the passionate Jarrod or the devoted Will, who has been hiding his love for her for a decade? Prepare your self for The Wave, a musical ourney that explores love, trust, and the art of letting go.

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Tanya Rose, a graphic designer and photographer, was born in Victoria, Australia. Residing in the leafy outer suburbs of Melbourne with her family, she recently fulfilled a lifelong dream with the release of her first novel, The Wave. Despite the challenges presented by pandemic lockdowns, Tanya embraced the opportunity to slow down and tackle her long-awaited projects. Supported by her family and friends, who provided the encouragement she needed, she transformed her dream into a reality. Join Tanya on this exciting journey as she brings her imagined world to life.