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The Strathvern Secrets

Gillian De Vries

In the Highlands of Scotland, mystery surrounds the death of Farley Orman, a landscape photographer and passionate environmental campaigner, determined to conserve Scotland's natural beauty and heritage.

As his friend and collaborator, Ellie Madison struggles to piece together the puzzle of his untimely death, finding her own life in danger whilst fighting her feelings for the enigmatic newcomer, Byron Oakes. Will she overcome her past fears and the pain inflicted by her cruel persecutor, property developer Glenn Thorley, to find love again?

Meanwhile, long buried secrets dating back to World War Two, in connection with the Strathvern estate, begin to surface, exposing unwelcome truths and long-lasting repercussions for members of the small Highland community of Kilcomb.

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Gillian de Vries grew up in rural Dorset, England, where her roots are still deeply attached. The family emigrated to Australia and, on leaving high school, she joined the Royal Australian Navy in which she spent twelve happy years, including three in America.

She returned to England several times over the years before she took the opportunity to spend four years studying writing and editing in Australia. Some time later, after working in a university, she returned to England. She has written a number of articles and short stories. She also edits a National Trust property's monthly newsletter, while an earlier, unpublished, novel is undergoing revision. The Strathvern Secrets is her first published novel.