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The Scaredy-Cat Penguin

Bertha Thorne

All of Penguin's friends seem to be having more fun than him. Sliding on the ice, diving into the water - Penguin would love to join them. But there's just one problem.

Penguin is a scaredy-cat penguin. He is always scared of what might happen, of the dangers around every corner.

But now Penguin is facing his fears with a holiday a long way from home. It's time for him to find out just how brave he can be.

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Bertha Thorne was born in the Canadian Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Her first book, It's Like a Dream to Me, featured the life of her then 100-year-old father, Paddy McCarthy. With the release of her children's book, The Scaredy-Cat Penguin, Thorne has come full circle with her age groups! The book was inspired by a short story written by her 8 and 10 year-old grandsons, Liam and Owen. Using a loveable little penguin as the central character, the book shows kids how to face their scary moments and then overcome them.