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The Road to Peace

Terence O'Shaughnessy

James Clifford-Harris, a disabled veteran of the Great War in his mid-thirties, leads a lonely and miserable existence. Plagued by recurring nightmares and lumbered with selfish family members who are ill-equipped to deal with his needs, his attempt to escape his surroundings is made possible following an encounter with travelling Gypsies, Challenor and his daughter Mary. Learning the details of their tragic past and gaining their trust allows James a clearer perspective of his own problems as he accompanies them on the road, all the while embracing the Gypsy way of life, so different to his own. Their kindness and compassion ultimately help restore his faith in human nature and give him hope for the future.

A heart-warming tale which challenges some of the common misconceptions surrounding the Gypsy lifestyle and attitudes.

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Terence O'Shaughnessy has been married to Anne for over fifty years. He has served as a Methodist Local Preacher for sixty years. They have three adult children and three grandchildren. Terence worked in glass merchants companies as a clerk and latterly as a buyer.

He is a lifelong Spastic, whose life has been blessed by many angels.

He dedicates this story to all those who see the person, before their disabilities; who actively, and generously empathise with those in need without sloppy sentiment or embarrassment.