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The Rapture of A Winter Harvest


Poetry across the ages often emerges out of a deep and abiding attempt to communicate about the ways in which the timeless and eternal have chosen to call on our most personal and intimate inner revelations. It is in this spirit that j. l. lyons' The Rapture of a Winter Harvest is written. This collection of thirty-seven poems guides us along a veritable odyssey of sacred unfoldment, at times given form and expression through the author's ecstatic, adoring relationship with a powerful sacred (m)other/divine lover figure. Inspired and composed while traveling and living in Nepal, Colombia, California and Europe, these are poems that capture the universal impulses of love, hope, joy, desire, despair and redemption. They comprise a transformative tempest of human sentiments to which we all owe higher passage. Take your sweet time with these poems. Romance them. Let them touch your silence. Allow their seed to take root in the rapture fields of your heart.

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j. l. lyons is an international educator, nonfiction author, devoted traveler, and incurable searcher. This is his first book of poetry.