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The Mayfly and The Greedy Bullfrog

Jo Allen

Have you ever been suddenly taken by surprise by something that has never happened to you before? Imagine that. That would be shocking for most of us. This is what happened to a greedy bullfrog named Butch. It happened while floating down the pond one morning having his breakfast. Suddenly he experienced something that had never happened before. So shocking, his eyes bulged right out of their sockets. For Butch, he wondered was this real or imagined? It would make us all wonder. We may ask ourselves is this really happening? In this thoughtful and purposeful story of The May Fly and The Greedy Bullfrog; we will find out what follows. There is a life lesson to be learned from it. And no, it does not mean this will ever happen to you. But you will gain something from it. Yes, something you can actually do. And as a result live a happier and more fulfilling life.

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New on the horizon, author Jo Gates Allen endeavors to share her latest work. Married and mother of three teens living in Southern California USA. She enjoys writing children's stories because it brings families together and forms an unforgettable bond. An avid reader and lover of books, Jo has spent many years writing and reading her stories to her children. She has created this attractively illustrated book to entertain children and their parents. She also loves the beach and spending quiet time with her husband.