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The Man who Screamed with Seagulls

Gail Gifford

So, why did the man scream with seagulls?

Why did the woman run from the Devil?

Why did the soldier try to prevent the event?

Gail never claimed to have the answers to these questions but what she did have was the skill, words, empathy and courage to guide each individual to the defining moment that had damaged them. That moment might have been in their conscious mind, their unconscious mind or it could even have been preverbal. Symptoms are often a solution waiting to happen. The original story needs to be told in a way that is safe. The body already knows the story, it was there, it experienced it. By allowing the story of the trauma to be revealed and then told in a way that was safe and understood, healing could finally begin.
This book explores and explains fascinating accounts about ordinary people with extraordinary outcomes.
Details have been altered to protect and respect the client's identities.
The stories, however, are true

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In this book Gail Gifford reflects on extraordinary experiences ‎encountered while working as a teacher in Zambia, Nigeria, and ‎Malaysia. Influenced by these incredible demonstrations of the ‎power of mind over body, and excited by the possibilities of using ‎this for therapy and healing, Gail went on to study with renowned ‎international psychotherapists. She then opened her own successful ‎hypnotherapy practice and ran hypnotherapy training courses for ‎many years. Gail also worked as a Senior Psychological Therapist ‎for the National Health Service in the UK. Now retired, she lives ‎with her family on an island off the east coast of Australia.‎