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The Little White House

Natalia Sheppard

"I thought of all the people who had lived within my embrace, and the emotions they had expressed that had unconsciously permeated every inch of my being. I may not be 'alive' in the Human sense of the word, but I was very much alive because of the energy that had seeped through my walls, my floor, my ceiling, as if the breath of others within my rooms, had breathed life into my very soul..."


Based on the story of a little white house that did indeed exist in rural New Zealand, this story weaves reality with fantasy, telling the tale of all who lived there, from the perspective of the house itself.


As the house becomes conscious and self-aware, it begins to learn and grow, yet this desire for knowledge and understanding comes at a cost.


Over time, the little white house realises that it can never move from its location there on the side of the road, nor choose who lives beneath its roof.


A tapestry of delight and humour, tinged with violence and sadness, The Little White House is a beautifully written and honest tale of life and loss, discovery and acceptance.

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Natalia Sheppard is a singer, songwriter, teacher, mentor, inspirational speaker and writer. 
She has B.A in English Literature, a Diploma in Performing Arts and a Diploma in Teaching, and has spent the last fourteen years touring the globe as a professional singer/MC, working within the Electronic Music Industry. After living in the UK for ten years, Natalia returned to her homeland of New Zealand in 2012 and since then has written and released two albums, one EP, created her own blog and written this, her first novel.