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The Guardians of Celestria

Emma-Louise Summerfield

When a young space and time traveller from the Stellar Gateway arrives quite unexpectedly through a magical portal, into a mystical new land- they are greeted by the amazing inhabitants. Which is where their fantastic journey of discovery and adventure begins. They invite you to join them on this epic quest, to experience through their eyes and heart, all the wonderful fun facts, spiritual wisdom, development, plus empowering knowledge this incredible place of wonder has to offer!

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Emma-Louise is blessed to be mum to two beloved daughters, Rhianna and Tabitha, married to her wonderful soulmate Paul, she is a gifted intuitive creatrix and spiritual entrepreneur, who founded her own successful mystical Jewellery and gift business, plus holistic events company.
A self-confessed total and utter geek! Especially when it comes to the topic of all things, Magical, Star wars, Indiana Jones, LOTR`s, and computer gaming.

Emma-Louise`s dream and vision through her stories is to share just how truly magical we all are, how incredible our world can be and how completely amazing it is to be different. The real importance of celebrating being you.
As there is only this one wonderful version of you, just as you are now in all of time, your potential has endless techno colour possibilities.