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The Dog That Didn't Know How To Cuddle

Felicity Scherer

Daisy May Delany is distraught over an emotional issue that she is experiencing - she is unable to cuddle her owners, Betty, and Bill.
Whilst feeling down about her issue, Daisy gains some neighbourly advice from Georgina Ann Wagner, next door's cat who has been observing this issue of Daisy's.
This intriguing and knowledgeable cat has some very insightful advice for Daisy and her dilemma. Could this captivating cat have the answers to Daisy May Delaney's worrisome predicament?

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Felicity Scherer is the debut author of the fascinating story
The Dog That Didn't Know How to Cuddle. Felicity is a
busy working mum of two active boys who like to keep
her on her toes. Felicity is a children's book lover and is
passionate about reading all day, every day to her busy
boys. An avid animal lover, she has rescued many pets in
her lifetime, and grew up on an action-packed farm. She
finds animals an absolute joy, finding their own stories
exceptionally captivating. All humans have a story to tell,
well guess what, so do animals.