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The Cannibal Brothers

Daniel Pike

In the desolate aftermath of a world-shattering catastrophe, The Cannibal Brothers takes you on a riveting journey through the raw essence of survival. Meet Jack and Max, a tenacious duo moulded by an unforgiving wasteland, where every heartbeat is a pulse of defiance against the encroaching darkness. As they battle an unrelenting abyss, their indomitable spirit shines amidst a backdrop of lurking cannibals and malevolent forces. The bonds they forge are unbreakable, and their sacrifices reveal the true price of hope in a world on the brink of oblivion. With relentless action, unexpected turns and an eerie atmosphere that chills to the bone, this electrifying tale will quicken your pulse, leaving you yearning for more. The Cannibal Brothers is an unrelenting odyssey through a shadowed realm, where heroism rises from the ashes and the abyss conceals horrors far beyond imagination.

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Daniel grew up in Greasby on Wirral. He is an award-winning security professional with a master's degree from the University of Leicester. With published security research and articles in magazines, Daniel is commended as the epitome of what a young person can achieve in the security industry. He has previously received recognition for protecting and saving life and for his exceptional contribution to society and being an inspiration to others. He developed a passion for writing six years ago, inspired by books he read on his commute to work, which started The Cannibal Brothers trilogy