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Suzie The Eight Legged Painter

Bethany Gum

Suzie is a friendly, paint-loving spider who lives on the outside of Buzz Town. One day, she travels into town to make new friends. No one wants to be her friend because she has eight legs and the other insects think she is scary! This makes Suzie feel sad. What can Suzie do to prove to the town that she is not scary? Is Suzie ​really ​scary just because she has 8 legs?


Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Bethany spent 5 years teaching at public and private pre- and primary schools in Vietnam and Portugal. Her love to work with children and belief in social equality come alive in this book, which aims to break down stereotypes and foster community inclusion. Bethany completed her master’s degree in Gender Studies from Utrecht University in the Netherlands whilst publishing her first children’s book in 2021. She now lives in Portugal with her husband and cat, Mia. She continues to write for children and publish research advocating for equitable, accessible education for children across the globe.