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Stardust: Amazing Archie The Singing Sensation

Ryan Hand

Archie Mills ‘was' an average, everyday kinda kid. Then one day his life changes forever, the day he stumbles upon a purple furry coat. Buried deep inside Percy's Rags, Borough Market's most famous second-hand shop, awaits a coat that once belonged to a 1960's Hollywood superstar. The next person to inherit it will possess the voice of a rock n roll legend. There can only be one explanation; the jacket is magic!

The adventure begins when Archie accidentally enters Wandsworth's Got Talent winning a thousand pounds. Thanks to best friend Izzy, a clip of his performance goes viral making him an overnight internet sensation. One minute he's a 13-year-old boy
enjoying his school summer holidays, the next he's flying to New York to perform on The Ella Show!

But what Archie doesn't anticipate is losing his luggage. Without his magic jacket, will he be able to perform in front of millions of people watching LIVE or will he have to come clean about his little secret on TV? The answer is inside, strap yourself in for a crazy rollercoaster ride...

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A presenter, comedian, actor and DJ, Ryan is a born entertainer.
If he's not hosting features for BBC's The One Show, he's raving behind the decks or telling jokes on stage.
It all started in BBC Northern Ireland, where Ryan landed his first ‘real' job as a TV runner in 2008.
Fast forward a few years later and the funnyman found himself warming up audiences on ITV's Loose Women.
Not long after heading for the bright lights of London, Hand got his big break; presenting Saturday night TV on ITV's Cannonball.
The rest, as they say, is history.
Now a published author, the proud Irishman has added yet another string to his bow, though he's always been an avid writer.
Penning stories as a kid, poems and songs as a teenager and now books as a full-fledged grown up, Ryan has always enjoyed escaping within his own imagination.