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Squawk: A Book of Bird Adventures

Lorna Collins

Squawk: A Book of Bird Adventures is a collection of madcap tales about the absurd, comical adventures of birds who journey to the unlikeliest of places. Each tale is accompanied by a colourful watercolour painting, which presents the character of the story. This book provides entertainment for the whole family.
We meet birds like Cleopatra the goose, an entrepreneur, who has built an incredibly successful record label; Dirk the devious duck, who is pretending to be a very serious scout leader (with his own, exciting narrative on the side); Mary the canary, who has extraordinary exploits, trying to escape from a coal mine. At the start and the end of the book, we enjoy Flo the flamingo's adventures, which are unpredictable, colourful and funny.
These stories all have happy endings, with unpredictable and exciting journeys. Squawk: A Book of Bird Adventures will open the wacky and fantastical world of readers' imaginations. We learn how to keep going against all the odds. We learn what matters, in a difficult situation.

The book is addictive, we want to read more.

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Lorna Collins is an artist, filmmaker, writer and arts educator. She once had a severe traumatic brain injury, which left her unresponsive and in a coma. Lorna was then incarcerated in mental asylums for nearly two decades. Now, art and writing feed her life. She worked in academia for several years, following her PhD at Jesus College, Cambridge University. Lorna has written and edited several philosophy books, including her monograph, Making Sense: Art Practice and Transformative Therapeutics, published by Bloomsbury. A journalist, Lorna has written articles for The Guardian, The Independent and The British Medical Journal. She now pursues a creative career, and lives on a farm in Buckinghamshire with a horse, a dog and a cat, surrounded by lots of birds.