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Souris De Rouen

D.B. Henderson

How much trouble can one small mouse cause?

Jourdain is a small, chubby mouse, who has an overactive imagination and appetite.

He lives underneath the floorboards of the town clock with, unfortunately, big sister Jean. The trouble with Jean is, she has no imagination; she couldn't even imagine having one.

The siblings find they must team up after Jourdain falls out of a window.

Soon the pair find themselves lost in the nearby Cathedral, where their adventures truly begin.

Jourdain and Jean must free themselves and find their way back home, while out-smarting cats, people, a hungry kestrel and the cathedral rats, led by the dangerous Sarko.

Over the three parts of this fast-paced fantasy adventure, set within the beautiful buildings of the city of Rouen. Jourdain and Jean learn about, and then teach, the importance of teamwork, friendship, tolerance and self-confidence. They will change life for themselves and for those around them for the better, forever.

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Douglas Henderson is a forty-eight-year-old Edinburgh resident, who started writing for his own pleasure in 2016. He enjoys rugby, travel and history - especially the history and buildings of Rouen in Normandy. He is also trying, and failing, to quit Twitter.