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Social Injustice

Lindsay Leigh

Having recently qualified as a child practitioner, Lacey applies for a job as a local authority foster carer, a post she has long dreamed of. Her application is successful, and she looks forward to embarking on her new adventure, excited at the prospect of making a difference in one child's life. However, nothing could have prepared her for the challenges she would face and the battles she would have to fight in order to do her job. Supported by family and friends, it's Lacey's determination and love for her foster child that give her the strength to keep on going, day after day, year after year, relentlessly battling against an inadequate social care system and medical professionals who dismiss her concerns about the health of the child in her care. Based on true events, Lacey's story highlights the frustration and heartbreak experienced by many foster carers, who are desperately trying to achieve the best outcome for the children that have been entrusted into their care.


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Lindsay Leigh is a child practitioner who became a foster carer for her local authority in 2013 to an eight-week-old baby boy. She had no idea of what was to come but kept on fighting the system. She later gained qualifications in child psychology, mental health, foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), and other disabilities, all to help the little boy she cared for. She left no stone unturned and is still to this day battling for him and other families who have children with FASD. Lindsay Leigh now lives in a new location away from the local authority that she fostered for with her husband and three children. She runs a small support group for other carers and has started university to study counselling. This is her first book.