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Snakes and Ladders

Margaret M. Dunlop

This is an absorbing story of love, seduction and unfaithfulness and its aftermath in the more sexually strict days of the 1950s. Set in Glasgow, London, Paris and Rome, the book tells of the highs and lows in the lives of Maggie and her husband, Jamie, revealing the strains that can arise in any relationship. We see the efforts of people who, then as now, have to keep all sides of their lives, financial, social and emotional on an even keel.
The novel takes a serious turn through the powerful, disturbing figure of Dominic, seducer and havoc-maker. He comes close to wrecking the lives of Maggie and Jamie, yet both seem to survive their bitter setbacks. The novel bounces along sizzling with life and tension as the plot unfolds, but the outcome remains in doubt until the last page..

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Margaret was born in Glasgow in 1931 and brought up in Shettleston.
She had a passion for reading and "devoured" books from the age of eight.
Margaret married quite young but sadly her first husband died at an early age. However, there were two daughters to this marriage.
She married Gerald Wiener in 1985, an animal geneticist. Margaret tragically died in 2020 after a long illness.
Throughout her life she felt she needed to work, first to help supplement family income and later for the satisfaction. To that end she undertook teacher training and after some years in different schools in East Kilbride was appointed head-teacher of a 120-pupil primary school in Kirkfieldbank, Lanarkshire. She stayed there for about 17 years before "retiring" but continued teaching for a further few years in a school for gifted children in Peebles.
In addition to her teaching qualifications, she obtained a first-class honours degree in English and Philosophy from the Open University. She was also a member of Mensa.
Margaret was multi-talented. Apart from writing she painted, knitted, quilted - all to a high standard - played the piano, was a member of the theatre workshop in Biggar, a cook of exceptional ability and an enthusiastic world traveller.
On top of her lifelong passion for reading she had hopes of writing but felt her life's circumstances never gave her time or chance. Not until she was already in her seventies