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Shadow Love (Blood Secrets Series #1)

Cherine Olivier

She turned to look at me and the glazed over eyes seemed to stare straight into my soul, as if she were looking through me and whispered so quietly, I wasn't sure I even heard her. 
"Destiny or destruction
A mirror or mirage
The soul knows
The heart fears
The mind will never learn
Eternity endlessly waited
For one who is the other
And the other who is one."


Everyone has good and evil inside of them but what if the good wasn't your own?

Even as a baby, Raven had been different. It could have been the violet of her eyes or maybe it was the blood that pumped through her veins, blood full of secrets and mystery. Who was Raven Scarlet? An angry, almost sixteen-year-old girl? Possibly, but wouldn't you be angry too if the only thing you wanted more than anything was the biggest kept secret of your life?

Raven longs to know who her father was before he died, but Selene refuses to tell her anything until two mysterious family members suddenly come into her life. Who are Stephanie and Haden really? And why did they show up just as her sixteenth birthday approaches? They aren't the only new arrival; a mysterious, handsome, dark-haired and grey-eyed stranger crosses Raven's path a little too often to be coincidence. Just who is he and what exactly does he want with Raven?

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I am a native South African and the younger of two children. I have played with lion cubs, a baby crocodile and a baby alligator in my youth, all of which I would love to do again. I wrote the very first draft of Shadow Love when I was only twelve; since then it has changed quite a bit.