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Pussified: A sex change story I didn't have the balls to tell

Ina Ferenčić

As an adult, Ina harboured a secret that she had kept from almost everyone but her close family and childhood friends. A confession of sorts, Pussified is an honest outpouring as Ina courageously comes out.

After a childhood diagnosis of mixed gonadal dysgenesis, she explores out loud, for the first time, the path she has never chosen: her journey from boy to girl. Ina shares her memories and explores the challenges she faced, the prejudices she encountered, and how the love and support of her late mother carried her through painful and depression-filled times.

This book is a raw and open diary, a reflection on growing up, a lesson in acceptance and a testament to the power of love. This story also shows how truly powerful and important self-honesty is, and how suffocating and claustrophobic closets inevitably get. You are in for a ride.

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I am a simple person with a complicated past, an outgoing individual buried under the waves of shyness, a human being that is kind to others and ruthless to one-self, a responsible adult with childlike playfulness, a loner screaming for affection, and my own worst critic.

I was born in 1988 in Croatia and was raised in a small peaceful town in beautiful Moslavina. Life's path led me to Croatia's capital, Zagreb, where I wrote my book as I decided to share my life's story with the world.

My ways of expression always lean toward creativity, which matches my unusual personality, so I always found great joy in writing and design. I was many things in life, from freelance journalist to graphic designer and blogger, and now I am something I'm most proud of: a published author.

My main motivation is to make something of my life, the same life my late mother worked so hard to preserve. My other goal is to help people along the way, which is what she would have wanted.