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John Himmelman

On a dig in a Spanish desert, archeologist Jennifer Moore uncovers the skeleton of a young Neanderthal, a prehistoric branch of humans that mysteriously vanished. In its hand is a bone flute. But Neanderthals were not known to create music.

40,000 years earlier, Skeetu, one of the last remaining Neanderthals, finds a flute. This leads her to a small band of Homo sapiens-our ancestors. With her Woolly Rhino, Bulo, they travel together in search of more of their kind. Saber-toothed tigers, monstrous hyenas, cave bears, wolves, and winter storms challenge their survival.

Forward to present time: Jennifer is racing backwards through her dreams; seeing through the eyes of one ancestor to the next. Could it have something to do with the flute she stole from the dig site?

Neandergirl is in essence a time travel story, joining family across the span of 40,000 years, and plays with the challenges of companionship-not between two races, but two different species of human beings.

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John Himmelman is an author and illustrator of many children's books, and those for adults on the topic of natural history. They have earned a variety of awards and honors. His book genres range from science and nature to ones simply created to make children and adults laugh. He has long been interested in learning how our ancestors survived throughout our early development, and our connections with a species of human that vanished long ago-Neanderthals.
When not creating books, Himmelman teaches martial arts at a school he cofounded. He spends much time afield with his camera, hunting down butterflies, moths, birds, plants, and all manner of fauna and flora. Many become the subjects his books.
He lives in Connecticut, USA with his wife Betsy Himmelman, a potter. His son Jeff is an artist and art director; daughter Lizzie Appleby is a photographer. You can visit his website at