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Marc Marci

Larry G. Goldsmith

Devastated by the sudden death of his parents, eighteen-year-old Marc is suddenly alone in the world. To cope with his grief, he travels to Europe where he hopes to find himself. His road to self-discovery, however, is not how he envisaged it. Twists and turns throughout the next decade add dimension and character to a passage he never imagined.
Initially, new friends, the nightlife of London and sudden trauma lead him to his biggest discovery; that he is happier as a she. As Marc becomes Marci, she adjusts to living as a woman while embracing all the highs and lows that life flings at her.
Marc Marci is an inspirational story of a young person's journey, achieving happiness against the odds.

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Larry G. Goldsmith is a financial forensic sleuth. He is a career licensed Illinois attorney, certified public accountant and financial forensic accountant. Being a financial detective led him to pursue writing fiction in his off-hour. Historical fiction is his passion as he revisits times forgotten while telling a romantic tale.

He brings a passion and skill to his story-telling weaving his legal and sleuth skills into the story. Like the author his protagonists are moral and ethical individuals who are not perfect and acknowledge their mistakes. The reader will find the characters as everyday people that they know and like.

Larry is a member of various professional legal and accounting organizations and has testified as an expert witness in both federal and state courts. His hobbies include bicycling, writing, exploring other cultures and, when younger, whitewater kayaking and volleyball.