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Lord Byron's Phlox

Summer Hayes

London, 1828. Jonah, adopted by an artist when he was a child, is now a young man and his guardian, Leonard, knows that he must secure the young man's future. He secures him a position with a noble family, where he is instructed to act as a bodyguard to the unruly younger son - although on first meeting the young lord is more withdrawn and quiet than he is unruly.

Jonah's passionate nature and sense of loyalty are sparked by something in Charles, and he soon feels obliged to protect him beyond the obligations of his position.

As Jonah begins to learn more about himself and those around him, he finds himself caught up in the tensions of the household, the secrets it keeps and the dangers that hover close by.


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Summer Hayes has been writing from a very young age and graduated with honours from the University of East London, where she honed her skills and gained her confidence in her own writing and in herself. It began as a way to escape from reality for a while, but has since grown into something that she truly enjoys and has a great passion for. It's a welcome feeling to have your thoughts organised neatly.