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Jigsaw Evolution

Martin Preston

Drawn to Oxford University by his fierce intellect, but driven out for his dangerous ideas, Professor Nic Lester finds himself at a turning point. When a dear friend gives him the keys to a new life and the chance to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his own father, he finds that he can only uncover the truth by abandoning the norm. Quickly, the two men enter into a cross-country journey back to the safety of home in Cornwall. It is there that Nic begins to unpick the accepted truths of history, only to find a conspiracy that reaches all the way to the stars. Where once he saw the reassuring normality of family, amid a world of control and self-interest, he suddenly starts to see an opportunity - an opportunity too great to be missed, but too terrifying to be embraced. He knows in his soul that he can't resist the questions. He knows in his heart that he can't question the resistance. When the past begins to look like the future, and a rebellion on Earth collides with a battle with the gods that inhabit the stars, Nic must decide how far he is willing to go to realise his father's legacy and save humanity itself.

Can a peaceful man go to war? Could a revolution save the people of the Earth?


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Martin Preston was born in Kent in 1958. He is retired and lives in Cornwall with his wife, Elizabeth.
He has always loved science fiction and this book has been waiting to be written for many years. He is also interested in ancient history and the origins of religions.
The man he most admires is Nikola Tesla.