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Identity Transfer

Marc Ignacio and Lubna Isam

"In the year 2042, the Human Transfer Act (HTA 42) was established as the law governing the biomedical process of Human Transfer. It is a complex process by which the brain, the conscious self and the complete identity of one human being (known as the guest) is transferred to another human body (known as the receptacle)."

John Fridman is the owner and CEO of the largest biomedical firm in the country, LiveTrans Corp; leader in the field of Human Identity Transfers.

Henry Callaway owns the only viable competitor, NewHope Inc., and he will stop at nothing to satisfy his ambition for his company to lead the field of Human Identity Transfers.

Against this backdrop, we meet Alex who is John's best friend. Alex works for the apparently legitimate group who call themselves the Organ Providers (OPs). But the OPs are a nefarious and ruthless gang and they arrange assassinations to obtain organs as and when they need them.

Alex finds himself in over his head when he is asked to assassinate John Fridman. He must confront some very dangerous people if he refuses to do this; but what is his alternative?

This fast-paced thriller leaves us breathless as we follow the machinations of the people who will win at any cost. What will the price be for Alex and John?

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Lubna Isam is a writer, blogger and journalist. She obtained her MBA degree in 2007. She likes to write novels and short stories that reflect contemporary issues of African society. She published two volumes of her collection of tales (Sudanese Tales) on Amazon. She is an active member of many voluntary and civic societies, her focus being on cancer and renal-failure patients. Her voluntary work includes providing psychological and financial support for those patients. She currently works as the CEO of Layla Cultural Platform (


Marc Ignacio is a writer, blogger and freelance computer programmer. He obtained his MBA degree in 2012. He likes reading fiction, watching movies, swimming, bodybuilding, and painting. He is a voluntary programmer at Layla Cultural Platform ( He has written several unpublished novels.