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How Polar Bears Got Their White Coat

Shaun BeGell

Have you ever wondered how polar bears got their white coat? Before polar bears had their white fur, they were all different colors: red, green, blue, purple, but no one had ever seen a white polar bear. This story follows Ava, a young polar bear who wants to be different than the others, so she paints her fur white. She is made fun of because the other polar bears can't see her since her fur matches the white snow. Soon after, a group of humans pass through the polar bears' home and threaten their existence. The polar bears instantly realize their bright colors make them vulnerable to predators. They all apologize to Ava for treating her so badly and ask her how she painted her coat white. The little polar bear will have to decide if she can put her feeling behind her to keep the others safe from harm.



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Shaun BeGell has always been in love with writing amazing stories. He graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BA in Radio/TV/Film with an emphasis in screenwriting. He loves writing all genres but has most fun writing comedies and scifi/fantasies. He is currently marketing a dozen of his screenplays and working on multiple new projects.