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God as Avatar


Many are the people who are searching for a new meaning of God - a meaning that they have not been able to find by following the teachings as written down in any of the world's Holy Scriptures.
This revolutionary book, God as Avatar - the life and times of Krishna and Jesus, may well open up new vistas for you to explore in your search for the meaning of life; or, the truth of God.
Has God ever incarnated as flesh and blood? And if so, who were the entities that God incarnated as? And more importantly, what was the purpose of their incarnations?
The reading of this book, will in no small way question and challenge many of your traditionally held beliefs; the results of which are left to you, the reader, to determine the validity or otherwise of my understanding and research into the lives of these two Divine Beings.

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I imagine you are wondering just who is this old bloke who calls himself Bazza? And if so, then wonder no more. Apart from the fact that I have been hanging around our Universe for 36,906 years, and during that time have lived 316 lives, for this life's journey, I have chosen to bring to the fore details and revelations that have been relevant to my spiritual journey. For this, I take no credit, as it all belongs squarely at the feet of S'yaana; a spirit entity that has been the revealing force behind all that I have written. Indeed, whenever I get the chance to read what I have written, it seems as though I am reading something written by another person.
That aside, all of it, every word of it, is meant to convey to you, the reader, that you are a Living God; and as such, to seek out your own destiny, to empower your Self, and to passionately love your God-Self with all your heart.