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Colin R. Parsons

Who would have thought that an after-school project could cause so much devastation?

Four school children, Megan, Carol, John and Alan, have accidentally released the spirit of an evil headmaster - imprisoned in the bowels of the school for two hundred years.

The children are now "Ghosted" - not quite dead, and not truly alive, their souls stolen.

What, if anything, can they do to return to the land of the living?

Omar the Magnificent is their only hope, but is he a spiritual medium, or a fake? But... he may know someone!

Killian Spooks is a Supernatural Soul Catcher. With the aid of his friends - Tornado Screech and Cleo Smoke - he might be able to help them.

There is danger at every turn, and the journey to the light is getting darker by the hour!

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Colin R. Parsons is an author of children's and YA fiction, but his books are always enjoyed by a wider audience. He lives in South Wales with his wife Janice and two sons, Kristoffer and Ryan. He has been writing for many years and has a steady stream of readers. He writes in many genres including sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk and the supernatural.
Parsons's books are always exciting and filled with fast-paced adventure, peppered with intrigue and danger.

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