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Five Days in May

m.d. newcombe

"Sometimes what you least expect is just what makes life interesting, like opportunity knocking. If you're lucky, it'll only knock you for a loop. Then again, it could knock the door completely off its hinges as everything blows up in your face, trigger a sudden turn of events, an unsuspecting chain reaction and the last day of the rest of your life-interesting!"
Welcome to Mick Lannigan's crooked little corner of the world, where he keeps a silent partner handy to do all the talking for him; a charismatic private-eye who played his cards like an ace until an ex-girlfriend and her new male acquaintance were murdered-blown sky-high-in an apartment explosion. Based on motive and opportunity, he was the only legitimate suspect the police could implicate, but that was the least of his worries. Unbeknownst to Mick, the young man who was killed was the son of Mafioso boss, G. Luciano Fandano, and catching up with the detective - already stumbling through unfamiliar territory and in way over his head - Fandano gives him until midnight the next day to track down, and deliver, the real assassin if he ever wants to see another sunrise...

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Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I grew up travelling the globe extensively as ‘military police issue'. Often being entertained with crime stories by my father's circle of friends and inspired by their delightful, twisted tales, I quickly became a fan of mystery thrillers. A lifetime later, staring at the greatest mystery of all, suddenly I was sixty-seven and married forty-five of them with three children and eight grandchildren. So, now for amusement, along with family and writing more of those offbeat whodunits, I'm a musician/songwriter and - between chapter, song and verse - walk about forty miles a week to keep the mystery alive...