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Expressions of the Soul

Denis Blake

As an author, I love words, descriptive, poetic, lyrical. To express my feelings in rhyme has a certain rhythm, a cadence to it. It's almost like music, fingers delicately poised upon the scales, drawing out the magic of the written word. It's not always that it has to rhyme, sometimes it is not needed... but at other times? I go with the flow. Wherever the thoughts come from, it is, I feel, truly magical.
I want nothing better than for others to experience the joy of expression, to encourage them to try similarly. These poems are just a varied selection, which will hopefully please all. They cover a myriad of different subjects: some whimsical, humorous, happy, thought-provoking, reflective. There should be something to please everyone. Enjoy.

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I live in the West country, near the sea, which explains why many of my poems relate to the ocean, its tranquillity, storms and history. The sea can mirror so much of human nature as well as being sadly, the waste disposal for the entire human race. Remember that when you next feel inclined to drop something into it.
Home to thousands of creatures, the sea provides us with bountiful food, so treat it with respect, and wonder, as this is overdue by many, which will be to our detriment.
I walk, eat out, love dogs, although sadly now, I do not have one of my own. My passion is also to write novels.