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Edmund Carson is The Alphabet Killer (Edmund Carson Series, #3)

Tony Bury

Edmund Carson is back but has to invent new and creative ways to get himself into the news again.

Picking up passengers along the way to keep him company, Edmund travels the length of the country in search of prey, and systematically works his way through the alphabet to achieve this. Even his ‘fans' become the target of his new mission.

With each new event, Edmund becomes increasingly sadistic, and rapidly moves into new realms in an attempt to create something so shocking that he becomes famous again.

Despite the paranoia and flashes of self-doubt, Edmund is unreservedly bold and self-assured. Even when everything seems to be coming to an end, Edmund has the last laugh as he spectacularly succeeds in completing his mission.

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Tony Bury, born in 1972 in Northampton, England, has had a passion for writing songs, poems and short stories since an early age. He has taken it more seriously since having kids, writing several children's books and screen plays as well as the Alex Keaton series of crime novels. Edmund Carson is The Alphabet Killer is the third book in the Edmund Carson series.