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Connor Jackson and the Memory Thieves

Nick B. Ponter

Connor Jackson lives a quiet life in Lower Molehampton. He lives in the house he was born and brought up in and, apart from his secretive job as a civil servant, he pretty much lives an ordinary life.
That is until one morning, when Connor is woken up by something, so he decides to investigate. He notices a massive molehill in the middle of his back garden; molehills have always been a feature in Lower Molehampton, but there appear to be more than ever now, and this one is huge. Upon closer inspection of this mountain molehill which has appeared during the night, Connor discovers a glass jar sitting in the centre of the mound. Thinking nothing more than this being a strange occurrence, Connor hides the jar away and forgets about it altogether. That is until a few months later when, late one evening, Connor is ambushed in his home by two sets of intruders. Attempting to flee, he is eventually captured. Fearing for his life and not knowing what these kidnappers want, Connor is thrown into a world which he never would have expected: into a world where he discovers the truth about life and death.

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Nick B. Ponter was born near Windsor, England in 1968. His interesting career started as a carpenter, then in the army and foreign service. He now works as a business English trainer in Germany. A school prize in English was an early indicator for his interest in writing fantasy. Nick gained a Bachelor in International Studies, influencing his story telling with a focus on modern contemporary issues. He loves travelling and lived in Asia for six years. He is inspired by outdoor activities and heavy metal. Most of his story was written in a tent at the River Weser and in the Alps.