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Angels Gods Witches

N. M. Cockerill

After years of bitter conflict an uneasy peace still holds between Tarania and Verlum. That, and fear of the wild woodlands
they just call the Border, were once all that stood between
the Land of the Gods and the Land of the Angels.

Yet the true culprit of an ancient murder has been exposed and
his victim's name cleared, and both sides are learning to forgive. So who should suspect anyone of building a network of tunnels that
straddles the Border, bringing their
slime and their stink?

What falls through is Louie, son and heir to the King of Tarania.

Late one night he spies intruders and the first clues in a trail that will take him, and his old schoolfriends, on a quest to save the peace of
the world from the thwarted malice of the evil witch Esʼtrixia,
and the Dark Angel who would murder the
peace, too.

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Encouraging youngsters to read stories about magic and mystery is what Ngaire thinks writing is all about. Stories about angels were passed through Ngaire's family becoming more entertaining each time they were told. Ngaire is a strong believer in crystal and angel healing and would love the thought of youngsters' imaginations running wild and asking for help from their angels whenever needed. Though angels are a relaxing thought, her real enjoyment is telling scary stories to her two children. Ngaire lives happily with her family in Hertfordshire where she grew up being told ghost stories and stories of magic and intrigue.