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Alpha Bravo Charlie

Dennis Petersen

Not just another children's book of ABCs, Alpha Bravo Charlie teaches children their letters using the world's most widely used radiotelegraphic spelling alphabet.

The NATO alphabet is used by members of the military, pilots, first responders, and others who need to communicate lettered codes quickly and accurately over the radio or telephone.

Advance praise for Alpha Bravo Charlie:

"Alpha Bravo Charlie is a great educational tool for kids and lieutenants alike!"
- Col. Scott Marconda, U.S. Marine Corps

"Bravo! Children from Quebec to Lima will love it."
- Lt. Col. Ken Ward, U.S. Army helicopter pilot

"This book is the hottest thing I've seen since my retirement!"
- Capt. Karl Luschenat, New Haven Fire Department (ret.)

"I thought it was just Oscar Kilo."
- Megan Petersen, the author's wife


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Dennis J. Petersen is husband and father of two amazing kids. He is also an employee of the U.S. Government, Navy Reserve Officer, dog lover, parrot head, Knight of Columbus, certified beer judge, uncertified carpenter, Zimbabwean trillionaire, Time Person of the Year 2006, and now a children's author.

It's been his dream to publish a book since he was six years old. So, the lesson for all you kids is to follow your dreams, no matter how long it takes, and don't be afraid to follow them in some weird directions.